5 Ways To Earn Crypto

Uncover all the fun methods for earning digital tokens, such as playing games, doing exercises, or learning all about blockchain. Down below, you’ll find all you need to know to earn free crypto: from enjoyable and engaging ways to traditional routes. Start getting your coins easily with this quick guide.

7 min readMay 24, 2023
Earn free crypto

In the fast-growing crypto world, finding simple and user-friendly ways to earn crypto is more crucial than ever. This YetAnotherDeFi article will show you a mix of methods, making sure you get the best chance to obtain crypto coins online. Read, learn, and discover the best ways to make money by exploring both fun and traditional methods.

Fun ways to earn free crypto tokens

Play to earn

Did you know that you can make money having fun? Online gaming and earning crypto have merged thanks to the new play-to-earn industry. By playing blockchain-based games, you can collect and trade items that can later be exchanged for different cryptocurrencies on manifold marketplaces. CryptoKitties, GodsUnchained, or Axie Infinity are good examples. In Axie Infinity, for example, players earn SLP (Smooth Love Potion) tokens by breeding, battling, and trading digital creatures called “Axies.” Take a look at some other fun mechanics in multiple blockchain games!

Look at the Alien Worlds game where you can earn Trilium (TLM) through mining. The token’s market cap, as of writing, is $56,810,261, and you have a chance to trade TLM on such prominent platforms as Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io, and OKX.

Or, how about Axie Infinity allowing you to earn either through staking or gameplay? If you’re the one to stake and then trade on Binance, Huobi, OKX, here’s the AXS token with a market cap of more than $800k.

More into gameplay? The token you might want to earn through gameplay in Axie Infinity is called Small Love Potion (SLP). Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io, and OKX will also allow you to sell SLP later.

Hey, the Metaverse fan! Here’s something for you too. The Sandbox game will allow you to trade virtual land for the SAND token — market-capped at $946,109,348, as of writing. Later you can sell it on the major trading venues including Binance and Bitget.

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Move to earn

Do you go to the gym? Physical activities can also be rewarding in the crypto world. Some cool fitness apps and platforms turn your steps or workout actions into crypto tokens. The list of such apps includes ActiFit, Sweatcoin, and Bitwalking. Bitwalking, for example, is a fitness app that allows users to earn Sweatcoins by walking or running outside. Just do what you normally do and you will earn crypto. The only problem with these kinds of tokens is that they are mostly utilized inside of a corresponding app, so it’s going to be not so easy to trade them.

But, hey, you can try to trade these ones with YetAnotherDeFi:

  • Sweatcoin (SWEAT). A token that has a market cap of $32,122,870 and can be traded later on KuCoin, Huobi, and OKX.
  • The LYM token. The token of the Lympo fitness app that rewards users for their activity, and is now worth $1,504,056. It also can be sold or bought on KuCoin, Gate.io, and Uniswap.

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Learn to earn

If you’re one of those people who like to learn something new all the time, you’re going to love this next option. By taking part in quizzes, finishing tasks, and answering questions on educational platforms, you can earn different tokens while growing your understanding of the crypto space. The most prominent services that offer this opportunity are probably Crypto.com, Binance Academy, and Coinbase Earn. While letting users complete educational courses and quizzes about different cryptocurrencies, these platforms not only give them a chance to earn a fraction of coins but also trade them right there.

Interested in learning interactively and having fun during the process? In this YetAnotherDeFi guide, you will find out all you need to know about crypto wallets by creating your own keys from scratch!

So, where can you learn to earn?

Coinbase Earn allows you to grab hold of GRT, AMP, NEAR, and other tokens after you watch semi-promotional, semi-educational content. But, hey, you can trade those tokens right on Coinbase, Huobi, and Binance. Isn’t that convenient?

Binance Academy also does educational content on relatively new tokens from time to time. Just follow the updates and get a chance to earn XTZ, BTTC, RUNE, QTUM, etc.

BitDegree is an educational crypto platform and, in general, allows you to earn USD and NFTs, which also might be lucrative!

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Traditional ways to land crypto


Staking is one of the best ways to earn crypto by doing literally nothing. The only problem is that you have to have at least something to stake in advance. In essence, staking helps earn interest on crypto by locking up some of your cryptocurrency in a wallet. Plus, you can get rewards for helping the security and workings of a blockchain network. Just leave your crypto in the right place and wait.

If you want to stake ETH, UNI, MKR, SNX, BAL, and many more tokens in a staking pool, you might want to check out Rocket Pool, StakeWise, Unipool, Stake Capital, Synthetix Staking, Staked, and Balancer Pool Party. No need to say that all of the tokens mentioned above can be traded later on prominent trading venues, such as Kraken, Uniswap, Huobi, Binance, etc.

Are you the one to run a validator? Maybe deposit a native token, ETH, ADA, or DOT, into your node wallet and start accumulating revenue.

But if you’re kind of lazy, try staking on an exchange, because it’s the easiest option, really. Simply activate a staking wallet on Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Huobi, or KuCoin, deposit ETH, XTZ, SOL, or AVAX, and wait!

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Airdrops were a thing a few years ago in the epoch of ICOs where a lot of people were ready to complete small tasks for a chance to capitalize on new projects. In a word, it is just another easy way to earn free crypto. Normally, for the reason of mass promotion, developers, or companies, of certain projects simply give out (airdrop) some of their new tokens to holders or people who just jump in. By taking part in these airdrops, all the participants get free tokens and maybe see returns if the project does well.

Remember the famous Bitcoin Cash (BCH) airdrop that happened in August 2017? It was a hard fork with a 1:1 ratio. Quite generous, isn’t it?

As a part of their promotion, Stellar Lumens (XLM) airdropped XLM tokens worth $125 million.

Uniswap granted users with 400 UNI tokens in September 2020 in the context of a promo campaign.

Filecoin (FIL) spent around $100 million to push the early adoption of the token in October 2020.

And Flare Network airdropped $45 billion in FLR tokens in December 2020 in an attempt to push their ecosystem forward.

What were you doing when all of that was happening, right?

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Referral Programs

In the modern world where everything is a copy of a copy of a copy, referral programs are just a great way to capitalize on making money for doing what everybody does. Referrals or referral programs are offered by some cryptocurrency companies or projects, where users can earn cryptocurrency by referring new participants to the platform. As a newbie, you might receive a great welcome bonus. As a person who refers, you may turn this bonus into a part of your constant revenue.

So, what are some juicy referral programs existing out there? Here’s the list:

  • If you take part in the Binance Referral Program, you will get up to 40% commission on the referrals’ trading fees.
  • BlockFi will airdrop up to $10 to you and your friend once your friend signs up.
  • Celsius promises up to $40 for each new user you bring.
  • And Crypto.com gives out a generous $50 for the recommendation.

So, which one would you choose?


Back in time, when crypto was not as popular, faucets were pretty popular among teenagers who wanted to make even as little as a fraction of Bitcoin or other currencies. These services are such websites or apps that offer free cryptocurrency in exchange for completing simple tasks. For example, solving captchas or viewing ads. Faucets typically offer small amounts of cryptocurrency and even today they can be a different way to earn some free crypto without any initial investment.

Look at a few faucets that allow you to earn free Bitcoin: FreeBitco.in, Cointiply, FireFaucet, and Moon Bitcoin.

With FreeBitco.in, you can earn by hitting a random number generator. With Cointiply, they will ask you to watch videos, play games, and complete surveys — just like with FireFaucet.

And if you want some Litecoin, go to Free-Litecoin and generate random numbers.


Checking out different ways to land crypto in your pocket can be fun and worthwhile. By doing these easy activities, you’ll not only earn free crypto but also learn a lot and get experience in the world of blockchains. This article highlights various ways to land some digital money, from no-brainer activities to more traditional methods, helping you find the best ways to get the coins you want.

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